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A and D don't actually do anything for me. Is this a play on the theme or is something broken

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You can move when your character is in awake state. You also can watch full playthrough that was recorded by a player in the first comment of this section, if you dont believe me.


Cool Game concept and i really appreciate the art and the  animations .But I think u should decrease the spawn rate because its difficult to control on pc. Overall 4

Really cool idea, and the art is nice. Maybe make less enemies spawn because while using a mouse might be easy a mouse pad is hard.

Yeah, almost everyone unsutisfied with that, i will fix it after the jam.

Don't worry my game has a lot of criticism about difficulty too.

Not terrible, but hard when you go behind tree



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thank you for your video, Apparently the game is too hard, so I put the video in the description for the game.